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 bible and islam

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Ahlan bik
Ahlan bik

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PostSubject: bible and islam   bible and islam EmptySat 12 Aug 18:33

from what i have read in the bible (most of it), i have found that it is an islamic book, except for the teachings of paul (who was the dajjal,
i have found it a great benefit when teaching others in america when i can pull out a verse from the bible and a similar one from the quran or hadith. of course there are a few modifications that have been made in the bible, it even states it in the book of jeremiah(8:7-9 i think), but the truth is clear from falsehood for those with eyes to see.
the whole jesus is God thing seems to have stemmed from the teachings of paul, it is not written by any prophet in the bible. jesus also foretold the coming of muhammad, as did moses in the bible. the book of enoch also tells of the coming of muhammad and the quran.
i find that most christians who believe that jesus is God, do so only because they have never really read the teachings of the prophets.
anyway, i wanted to recommend the book of james to people after the long intro to my purpose of this entry :). it is a great letter written by james the nazarite brother of jesus and is a very islamic/anti-pauline document in the bible. martin luther (father of the lutheran church) and others have tried to have it removed from the bible because it is overtly anti-pauline.

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PostSubject: Re: bible and islam   bible and islam EmptyMon 14 Aug 20:18

Thanks for the invite on reading that ill make a point of reading it.

May Allah forgive me for anything I say that isnt 100% accurate and May Allah give me the patience to accept when people criticize me.

We as ADMIN arenot responsible for any copyrighted materials used without the sole permission of the owner.
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bible and islam
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