Being close to Allah, learning to obey him and be good muslims
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 What we should learn?

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What we should learn? Empty
PostSubject: What we should learn?   What we should learn? EmptyMon 27 Mar Ó 22:28

Well I think the basic reading, writing, mathamatics are important to everyone. I think in America our history books are currupt but I think History is an important topic for everyone to learn. I'm grateful to have been raised in America for some of those subjects.

Muslims came up with Algebra and their cultures were far more advanced then any of Europes 1000 years ago. So I think as muslim, and I think we do it well we do need to study the sciences and math. As muslims we should also learn Arabic and I think if I were to have a child right now I would have them take Arabic lessons and bless them with that.

As far as education for our Children and what we should do as parents. We need to first teach them respect and the importance of prayer, At least in the West we need to teach them to be modest, and something reallly needs to be done about all this sex on t.v. (actually everywhere) I believe in capitalism if you do it in a honest way as the time of Muhammad (may peace be upon him) was dominated by a capitalistic economy through the trades. As much as I hate how Americans blast and slander Islam in this time of war (though they will be held accountable for their slander) they are still fighting for morals as found in the Bible so I do respect that.

I respect everyone and their way of life, I just feel deeply troubled that I can't touch someones heart and give them knowledge of Islam so they will give up their lifesytles of Alcohol, sex and homosexuality. and humble themselves and pray for the poor. and for real those people don't bother me because i just feel blessed where i'm at right now and i have to worry about myself, but when i see hope in someone but they have a lifestyle that is wrong it brings pain to me. So I pray for them.

Salaam Alaikum

I want to wake up one day and party; when I'm rid of this debt I owe to society.
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What we should learn? Empty
PostSubject: Re: What we should learn?   What we should learn? EmptyTue 28 Mar Ó 19:54

i tend to agree with you here :D you are exactly right :D

May Allah forgive me for anything I say that isnt 100% accurate and May Allah give me the patience to accept when people criticize me.

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What we should learn?
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