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 Glossary of Islamic terms

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Glossary of Islamic terms Empty
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Glossary of Arabic Terms

Adhan = Call for prayer
Asr = Mid-afternoon, beginning when an object and its shadow are of equal length.
Bismilllah = In the name of Allah
Dua = Words of supplication or praise
Fatihah = The opening chapter of the Quran
Ghusul = Complete ablution or bath
Hajj = Pilgrimage to Makkah
Isha = Nightfall
Jaloos = Sitting position
Maghrib = Sunset
Mudh-dhin = The one who makes the call for prayer (Adhan)
Qiblah = The point towards which one directs himself in prayer, for Muslims, the Kabah in Makkah.
Qiyam = Standing position
Rakah or Rakat = A unit of prayer
Rawatib = Voluntary prayer which were regularly performed by the Prophet
Ruku = In prayer, bowing at the waist
Sajood = Position of prostration
Salah or Salat = Prayer
Salat ala an-nabi = Asking Allah's mercy on the Prophet
Shahadah or Kalima = Declaration of faith
Subhanahu-wa -taala= Glorified and most high
Sunnah = That which prophet practiced or said
Surah = A chapter of the Quran
Taawadh = Asking Allah for protection from satan
Tashahhud = Witnessing
Tasmiah = Mentioning the name of Allah
Thana or Sana = Thanking Allah
Tyammum = Dry ablution
Wudu = Ablution
Witr = The last (Sunnah) prayer of the night consisting of odd numbers of rakats.
Zakat = Alms
Zuhr = Noon

May Allah forgive me for anything I say that isnt 100% accurate and May Allah give me the patience to accept when people criticize me.

We as ADMIN arenot responsible for any copyrighted materials used without the sole permission of the owner.
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Glossary of Islamic terms
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