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 think before you smile

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PostSubject: think before you smile   Thu 30 Mar 19:17

Once the Prophet of God (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) came out of his house and saw people laughing merrily. Upon seeings this, the Holy Prophet observed: "if you had kept death (which puts an end to all pleasures of life) constantly in your thoughts, you would not have found time to create such a scene as I am witnessing now." (Mishkat).

The Apostle of God (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) enquired from Hadrat Gabriel (may Allah be pleased with him): "why is it so that I have never seen a smile on the face of Mika'il (may Allah be pleased with him)?" Hadrat Gabriel (may Allah be pleased with him) submitted: "Mika'il has not laoughed since the creation of Hell" (Ahmad).

I want to wake up one day and party; when I'm rid of this debt I owe to society.
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PostSubject: Re: think before you smile   Fri 28 Apr 0:50

subhanna Allah brother

May Allah forgive me for anything I say that isnt 100% accurate and May Allah give me the patience to accept when people criticize me.

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think before you smile
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