Being close to Allah, learning to obey him and be good muslims
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PostSubject: Interest   Sun 26 Mar 22:07

Well i could have put this in my other topic of things weighing me down.

I work at Charles Schwab which is an Investment Brokerage place. Although I don't work with stocks or interest I still feel my job weighing me down, just being part of this institution. I feel I'm walking through hell everday I'm there, Swine and Alcohol consumers, gays and lesbians, coke heads, infidelity, materialistic set of capatalistic theories on new ways to find happiness. In the last week or so I've found myself cutting ties and shutting myself off from all of them. Even a Halal conversation can lead to a Haraam conversation.

Salaam Alaikum.

I want to wake up one day and party; when I'm rid of this debt I owe to society.
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Ahlan bik
Ahlan bik

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PostSubject: Re: Interest   Fri 31 Mar 14:17

haha, i went through the same thing when i was working at an insurance company. people chase after and want to talk about the most worthless things. i tried to participate in most of their outings and was the one that didn't drink and the one that didn't smoke and the one that didn't........ they seemed to respect it and most actually told me they admired it and they said they wanted to be more like that but they didn't have the willpower. i usually tried to get them to talk about good things, but being outnumbered so badly it was difficult, especially since most of them were anti-muslim before i started working there. but then i got sick of it and i quit :)
i feel for you, good luck

peace, love, and dates
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PostSubject: Re: Interest   Sun 2 Apr 22:45

subhana allah way to put that :D woohoo.

May Allah forgive me for anything I say that isnt 100% accurate and May Allah give me the patience to accept when people criticize me.

We as ADMIN arenot responsible for any copyrighted materials used without the sole permission of the owner.
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PostSubject: Re: Interest   

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