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 Why were we created?

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Why were we created? Empty
PostSubject: Why were we created?   Why were we created? EmptyWed 15 Feb 20:46

Islam is my deen...


Posted: 27 Jan 2006 10:12 am

"Nothing is taking place in this world except by the permission
of Allah."

And the prophet (saaw) further emphasized this principle by saying;

If the whole of mankind gathered to do some thing to help us, they could help in anything which Allah had not already written for us. And if the whole of mankind gathered together to harm us, then they would not be able to harm with anything which Allah had not already written for us.

Therefore what is required of us is to depend on Allah, put our trust in Allah. This is what we have to draw out of this attribute of Allah being the creator. This creation exists because of that attribute. Its practical significance to us lies in putting our trust in Allah.

There is another aspect, besides the fact that the creation exists because Allah is the creator. We can also see from what the prophet (saaw) has informed us, that in the creation there is manifestation of Allahs attributes of mercy, forgiveness, kindness etc etc. Allah created man in paradise, they disobeyed Allah, but Allah had taught them how to repent, how to turn back to him and seek his forgiveness, then he would forgive them. Having done that, they were forgiven, Adam became the first prophet, and mankind was absolved of that sin. The story of Adam and Eve is the story of human existence. Human beings are given a consciousness of Allah. When Allah created all human beings, as he states in the Qur'an, he took from Adam all of his descendents, and made them all bear witness that Allah is their lord. So we are all born with that consciousness. He has also given us a consciousness of what is right and what is wrong.

We have inspired each and every soul to an awareness of corruption and righteousness.

Allah gave revelation through his commandments, not to eat of the tree. However, human beings forget. And when they forget Allah then they fall into sin. We can absolve ourselves of that sin by means of repentance, and Allah forgives us when we repent sincerely. The prophet (saaw) said;

The one who repents is like the one without sin.

If you did not commit sins and turn to Allah seeking his forgiveness, then he would replace you with another people who

would sin, ask Allahs forgiveness and he would forgive them.

So in our sinning and asking Allahs forgiveness, the attribute of Allahs mercy and forgiveness becomes manifest. Allah knew what we were going to do before he created us, he knew that he was creating a species who would sin. If he didnt wan t them to sin, if it was not his intention to permit them to sin, then he could have created angels, more angels. But the had already created angels, so he chose to create a being, that would disobey his commandments through forgetfulness or just simple disobedience, but would turn back to him in repentance, and his attribute of forgiveness would become manifest. Similarly, his mercy;

The Prophet (saaw) is quoted as saying that when Allah created the universe, He made an obligation on Himself, recorded in a document, kept by Him, that My mercy precedes my wrath. He (saaw) also was reported as saying;

Allah created mercy with a hundred parts. One of which was sent down upon the jinn and human beings and other living creatures. It is out of this one part that they love each other, show kindness to one another, and even the animals treat their offspring with affection. Allah has reserved the remaining ninety-nine parts for his true worshippers on the Day of Judgment.

This is the mercy of Allah manifest in his creation. What is also manifest in creation, in the act of creation, the creation of man, is his attribute of justice, fairness, which comes out as the judgment at the end of this world. I am sure we have all read the Hadeeth in which the prophet (saaw) said;

Allah created some people for hell and some people for paradise.

May Allah forgive me for anything I say that isnt 100% accurate and May Allah give me the patience to accept when people criticize me.

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Why were we created?
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